“Out-of-Control Officers” - NAACP Camden Demands Police Accountability for Unlawful Arrest and Injury of Scunickenyatta Jenkins

Atty Jackie Patterson, Scunickenyatta Jenkins, and Marjorie Burns facing camera.
From L to R: Attorney Jackie Patterson, Scunickenyatta Jenkins, and Marjorie Burns on the steps of the Camden County Court House.

NAACP Camden County Branch held a press conference on Saturday, August 6 with Mr. Scunickenyatta Jenkins, Ms. Marjorie Burns, and Mr. Jenkins’ attorney Jackie Patterson, to bring awareness and demand accountability for the racial profiling and unlawful arrest of Mr. Jenkins by local law enforcement.

NAACP Camden County Branch President Timothy Bessent, Sr. said, “We are here because of another incident that involves bad policing in the community. We appreciate and thank the officers in our community who go to work every day and do the right thing—do what they were sworn in to do. There are other officers that violate the oath taken, exemplifying bad conduct and even committing crimes while in uniform.”

Mr. Patterson stated, “It is no question this is a case of excessive force and police brutality.” Later in his remarks he said, “The police’s job is to enforce the law, not break the law.”

See previous post for a summary of the incident that occurred during a traffic stop on 1-95. Former Kingsland City Police Officer C. Wilkinson pulled over Ms. Burns and Mr. Jenkins for speeding, eventually summoning the Camden County Sheriff’s Office. CCSO Deputy C. Newman and CCSO Deputy A. Watson ultimately arrived on the scene and forcibly arrested Mr. Jenkins.

Kingsland Police Department confirmed that Mr. Wilkinson is no longer with the department but provided no details.

Members of the NAACP Camden County Branch Criminal Justice Committee met with CCSO Major K. Chaney on August 5 and learned that Dep. Newman and Dep. Watson remain on duty.

NAACP Camden County Branch is calling for Dep. Newman and Dep. Watson to be investigated and immediately removed from duty as patrol officers. President Bessent stated that they, “did nothing to de-escalate this traffic stop that could have easily turned deadly because of out-of-control officers … We do not need these kinds of officers on our streets.”

In addition to calling for investigations in both law enforcement agencies, Mr. Patterson is demanding compensation for Mr. Jenkins, who suffered physical and mental trauma due to the incident. Pursuant to Georgia law, Mr. Patterson intends to initiate the ante-litem process, which requires alleged at-fault parties to be notified of an individual’s intent to sue within a specific time period, up to 12 months for the County and 6 months for the City of Kingsland.

NAACP Camden County Branch will continue to monitor Mr. Jenkins’ case and be of any necessary assistance to Mr. Jenkins and Ms. Burns.

Remarks by NAACP Camden Branch President Timothy Bessent, Sr.:

Remarks by Attorney Jackie Patterson: