Who's on the Ballot?

To help prepare you to vote in this election cycle, check out a preview of what your ballot will look like by logging into My Voter Page and click the button for "View Sample Ballot." 

These positions and ballot measures are on ALL ballots in Camden County. 

Federal Offices

US Senator: 
• Chase Oliver
• Herschel Walker
• Raphael Warnock (incumbent)

US House Rep. GA District 1: 
• Earl L. “Buddy” Carter (incumbent)
• Wade Herring

State-wide Offices 

• Stacey Abrams
• David C. Byrne (write-in)*
• Shane Hazel
• Brian Kemp (incumbent)
• Milton J. Lofton (write-in)*

Lieutenant Governor: 
• Charlie Bailey
• Ryan Graham
• Burt Jones

Secretary of State: 
• Ted Metz
• Brenda Lynn Nelson Porter (write-in)*
• Bee Nguyen
• Brad Raffensperger (incumbent)

Attorney General: 
• Chris Carr (incumbent)
• Martin Cowen
• Jennifer “Jen” Jordan

Commissioner of Agriculture: 
• Tyler Harper
• Nakita Hemingway
• David Raudabaugh

Commissioner of Insurance: 
• John King (incumbent)
• Janice Laws Robinson

State School Superintendent: 
• Alisha Thomas Searcy
• Richard Woods (incumbent)

Commissioner of Labor: 
• Emily Anderson
• William “Will” Boddie Jr.
• Bruce Thompson

General Assembly Offices

GA Senator for District 3: 

• Mike Hodge

GA House Rep. for District 180: 
• Steven Sainz (incumbent)

State-wide Ballot Measures

• Two constitutional amendments and two tax exemptions. Click here to see text. 

Local Positions
These positions/measures are on ballots IN PARTS of Camden County.

County Commissioner, District 2: 
• Martin A. Turner
• C. Ben Goff (write-in)*

County Commissioner, District 4: 

• Jim Goodman 

Kingsland City Mayor: 

• Grayson Day, Jr. (incumbent)

Kingsland City Council Post 3: 
• Kristy Chance Starke (incumbent)

Kingsland City Council Post 4: 

• Alexander “Alex” Blount (incumbent)
• Angela Harris

St. Marys City Council Post 1: 
• Artie Jones, Jr. (incumbent)

St. Marys City Council Post 2: 
• Steven Connor
• Chad Ingram
• Ken Jelley

St. Marys City Council Post 3: 
• Jay Moreno 
• Danny Riggins 

St. Marys Alcohol Referendum: 
“Shall the governing authority of the City of St. Marys, Georgia be authorized to permit and regulate Sunday sales of distilled spirits, or alcoholic beverages for beverage purposes by the drink from 11:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.?”
• No

*Note: When voting in-person, you will see a row on the voting machine screen with a "Write-in" option listed below any other candidates' names. If you wish to cast a write-in vote, touch the box to select this choice. A keyboard will appear at the bottom of the screen for you to type in the name of a qualified write-in candidate. Write-in votes for candidates other than those listed above will not be counted.  

Problem at the polls? Contact the Election Protection Hotline: (866) 687-8683 or en EspaƱol: (866) 839-8682.

This information was compiled for voters in Camden County, Georgia as a joint effort among NAACP Camden County Branch, Women United International, and League of Women Voters of Coastal Georgia.