Power Your Vote this Election

Camden voters have a lot of decisions to make this election season. We will vote for Governor, one US Senator, two County Commissioners, the Mayor of Kingsland, two Kingsland City Council Members, and three St Marys City Council Members.

Make sure you’re ready.

The stakes are high. Some elected officials at the local, state, and national level are rolling back rights that we thought were fundamental. They’re criminalizing women who have abortions, making it harder for communities of color to vote, censoring conversations about diversity in schools, and making weapons of war more accessible to wreak havoc on our communities. While our families and neighbors are struggling, local officials are spending millions of dollars in federal Covid-19 pandemic relief aid on vehicles for the Camden County Sheriff’s Office and other non-Covid related expenses.

There are various issues impacting Black communities across the country. These are the top five issues voters have told NAACP are driving them to the polls:

  • Racism and discrimination. We continue to experience racism and discrimination in our communities, classrooms, and workplaces. We need elected officials who acknowledge the experience of the Black community and are vocal about replacing unjust systems and institutions.
  • Inflation. Families in Camden and across the country are struggling under the weight of inflation, especially Black women who have been most impacted financially by the pandemic.
  • Criminal justice reform/police brutality. The unjust treatment of Black people in the criminal justice system must stop. We need elected officials who hold law enforcement and judges accountable, especially locally in Camden.
  • Affordable housing. Affordable, safe housing is fundamental. As prices for goods and services rise, we need elected officials who will make sure there are affordable housing options for all of us.
  • Gun violence. Whether it’s a tragic shooting in a neighborhood too close to home or a racially motivated mass shooting several cities away, gun violence is impacting every age group and tax bracket. We need solutions that keep us safe and don’t criminalize us.
Let’s increase Black voter turnout and elect candidates who will provide solutions to the Black community’s most pressing issues in November. Click here to learn how you can take action today.